Landlord Liability in California

Landlords should be very careful to protect their rights in drafting leases with tenants. Property owners are encouraged to review the attorneys on  to find appropriate counsel to review the indemnity, insurance and other provisions found in common commercial leases.

Real Estate Attorney in California

While landlords have broad latitude to evict tenants who haven’t paid rent or have violated a lease, former employees, plaintiffs’ attorneys and fair-housing advocates said they believe PAMA evicts to retaliate when tenants complain about legitimate issues. “Tenants are afraid to pick up the phone because of the retaliation. Because they’re going to end up being on the street, being evicted, for voicing a concern,” Elizabeth Signorelli of the nonprofit Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, told us. In California, enforcement of rental housing regulations is fragmented and often ineffective. There is no single enforcement agency keeping track of massive real estate enterprises such as PAMA. Mobile home parks, for example, are regulated by the state. Apartments are monitored by cities and counties. That means a trailer park and an apartment complex can sit side by side but face regulation by different agencies. To find a lawyer near you practicing landlord-tenant law, visi